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Sarbat Da Bhala - Welfare of entire Humanity

Ramgarhia Welfare Sikh Association,Sydney is committed to the basic principle of Sikhism 'Sarbat da Bhalla', which can be translated to 'working towards the good of all'. It is with this tenet that the Ramgarhia Welfare Sikh Association has served the Sydney Sikh community since its inception.

  Since the humble beginning, the Association has held a fortnightly program in rented accommodation where Gurbani has been recited, sung and Guru Ka Langer served. The Association now feels that it is time to move from a temporary accommodation to a permanent location. Over the years the Sikh community and its Sangat who have attended the programs have donated generously towards the running of the Association, and it`s from these donations that we have managed to accumulate funds to purchase a piece of land in western Sydney in 2012. Donations are being sought to fund the actual construction of the building.

Dontations by Cheque or Bank Deposit

  More funds are being sought to fund the actual construction and it is for this reason that the Association is holding out a hand to the generous Worldwide Sikh Community to donate towards this goal. All the Association is hoping is that if a fraction of the Worldwide Sikh Community was to donate a single dollar then that dream of a permanent location becomes a reality.

  Donations can be sent by Cheques or Drafts made payable to Ramgarhia Sikh Welfare Association of Australia and can be sent to our registered address at PO Box 857, Blacktown, NSW 2148, Australia." If you wish to donate to RSWAA using direct debit, then you can download this form and fill it up and submit to your Bank or your Employer for making a regular payment from your salary to RSWAA. Download the Direct Debit from your Bank to RSWAA

Online Donations

Online donations can be made by Paypal in a secured way. Every bit counts therefore we are asking you to donate just a $1 or more. So that we can reach towards our goal, and we know that united we stand. If you wish to donate then please click on the button below and you would be presented with the donation option, if you are in Australia then you can request your bank or your employer to make regular contributions or you can make a payment of $1 or more using our secure online PAYPAL system using your credit card.
 Click on the button below to donate using Secure PAYPAL