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Ardas Diwas on 7th Oct 2012
Friday, September 21, 2012

We, As Sikhs, should be proud of our ancestors, who arrived in Australia more than 150 years ago. Many of these Sikhs came to Australia in search of a better life. Their hard work and determination allowed them to earn their place in the Australian community. They endured much hardship in such a large country with a different culture and language while also being far from their homeland and families. Travelling from town to town, farms and camps to earn their living, these Sikhs earned respect from those around them due to their compassion and generosity. How they survived alone can only be attributed to strength in themselves and the grace of others. Let us remember and pray for those who passed so long ago who could not have their final ceremonies performed according to Sikh religion as they were far from their own community. For this cause let us pray for them jointly on 7th Oct 2012. All gurudwaras are being asked to perfom the Ardas on 7th Oct 2012. RSWAA will participate in this noble cause.

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